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Batch processing of multiple video with avidemux (2018)

To set your video/audio settings once in avidemux, and then to encode a batch of videos automatically.

Article mis en ligne le 15 avril 2018
par aldoniel
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  • Objective : To set your video/audio settings once, and then to encode a batch of videos automatically.
  • It’s not at all intuitive.
  • The program is old and has changed multiples times, so there is a lot of documentation and forum chitchat about APIs which don’t exist anymore.
  • It is said that the program is GUI oriented, but in fact it is fully scriptable.

That being said, up to my knowledge, there are 2 APIs :

The official documentation has an example in full tinypy (with lots of implicit procedures) , but if like me, you don’t feel confident in tinypy, the easiest way is to mix automatically-generated tinypy and another scripting language using the command line.

 Generation of a tinypy configuration file

  • Open in avidemux one of the files to encode and setup every parameter (video & audio) for the job.
  • Export all your settings as a tinypy script : File -> Project Script -> Save As Project
    JPEG - 41 ko
  • This will give you something like this (but with more settings...)

 Cleaning the tinypy

  • We remove the loading part because the command line will do it.
  • Remove
  • So we have something like that (you may read the tinypy doc if some function are unclear). I will name this new file settings.py.

 Calling avidemux for the command line

  • Of course, change everything to fit your paths. Also, while scripting, I had some unclear errors (probably of my own) of "file not found", and I had to give to avidemux the full path for each file.
  • Now, you just have to write some automation in your favorite scripting language...
  • When you finish you script, you may call instead avidemux_cli.exe to hide the GUI and with the >nul operator to silent it...
P.S. :

I fact, I already wrote the scripting part, but without any GUI ...
See Script for batch processing of multiple video with avidemux (2018)

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